About Us

We have the vision, knowledge and experience required to satisfy your every paper need.

Founded in 1977, Westcountry Group is a dynamic family-run business with offices in Plymouth and Andover. We have nearly four decades experience in delivering tailor-made paper solutions to clients across the country.

Early growth of the Westcountry Group business led to rapid expansion into envelope supplies. Today, we’re one of the country’s leading companies dedicated to paper products, offering everything from our wide range of Kaskad coloured paper to copier, metallic and even magnetic paper and card.

Ever moving forward, in 2012 we set up our second office in Andover, Hampshire, enabling us to give fast, first-class support to our customers across London and the south of England

Enjoying success, we remain a family-owned and managed organisation where delivering the best customer service is our primary concern. Despite the growth, the company has retained its traditional values, always putting the customer first, that’s why our clients come back to us time after time.

Our Mission

We are committed to making time for you!

We’re here to support the commercial, education and local government sectors through being an inspiring and dependable partner. We provide valued solutions to our clients’ needs, delivering exceptional products and service which enables them to flourish.

We’re committed to maintain our position as a long-term employer contributing to the local community, operating sustainably with respect for the environment.

Our Values

We are committed to embracing, and operating with, honesty, integrity and reliability; giving exceptional service with positive conclusions. We believe in our ability to do this. We always do what we promise and we follow through on our commitments. We excel through giving each client individual attention, making them feel special. Our objective is to improve their day with a positive experience.

Why Choose Westcountry Group


Established in 1977, Westcountry Group has nearly 40 years of knowledge stored up. Still family-owned and managed, you’ll benefit from working with a team that have ‘been there before’ ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Free Spirit

We’re an independent company and proud to be so! This means we can supply the right products from any source to meet your specific needs. So you’ll get what’s right for you, not what someone else thinks is right for you.

Guaranteed Products

We’ve been around long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t. Our products and workmanship are guaranteed to work, perform and last like you expect. We know that you’re not looking for a quick win; you want something that’s genuinely going to meet your need, so that’s what we’ll provide.


There’s so many companies out there that, whilst doubtless very capable, simply offer more of the same. We’re not one of them! If you’re looking for something a little (or a lot) different, something more exciting, or a better solution to a particular need, then with Westcountry, you’re in the right place.


If we promise it, it will happen. And if something can’t be done, we’ll tell you up-front at the beginning. And for everything in between, we’ll keep you in the loop along the way. Simple really!

Company Culture

We’ve a great team; from those who take your enquiry over the phone, right through to those who deliver your products. We work hard together to give you a great experience: ‘Making time for you’ (our customer) is what we’re all about, and we manage to make sure we have fun whilst we’re at it!

“Your team on the phones are always helpful and your drivers are great, always cheerful and smiling; a change from a lot of other delivery services these days.”

Beth Everett, Office Manager, The Gregg School


At Westcountry Group we’re committed to sustainable practices and methods. We only supply products manufactured from materials from sustainable sources, and those produced with respect for the environment.

The foundations of our processes are built with the environment in mind and incorporate simple steps such as correct waste management through to the recycling of building materials.

Westcountry Group are accredited to stringent environmental standards, demonstrating our commitment to protecting our environment.


Westcountry Group are accredited Investors in People and certified to ISO9001 Quality Management Standard. In addition we enjoy certification to ISO14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS18001 Health & Safety Management, FSC and PEFC.


You're in safe hands with Westcountry Group